Frequently Asked Questions

Are we selling directly to Book iT!?

Yes ,you are working directly with members of the Book iT! team.

What is an ISBN and how do I find it?

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique number that allows us to identify the book you have. We use this number to find the buyback price for your textbooks. 

It is located above the barcode on the back of your book and on the copyright page.Click here for an instructional video.

How do i schedule a mobile buyback?

Click here to schedule mobile buyback for textbooks, calculators, iClickers, etc.

How do I get paid and how long does it take?

We pay via cash, Venmo, Cash App and Paypal immediately upon picking up your textbooks.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please see how to contact us here. We respond to emails within 1-2 business days.

Can I sell multiple copies of the same book?

Yes, we accept multiple copies of the same book and large quantity (10+ items) buybacks as well.

Do you accept instructor or international editions?

Yes, we accept both.

My book has annotations in it. Am I able to sell it to you all?

Yes, we accept books with notes in the margins, highlights, doodles, and post-it notes. 

Do you accept loose leaf, binder ready, or 3-hole punch books?


What if I accidentally sell you a rental book?

We will do our best to identify rental books before we purchase them. Otherwise we will do our best to return the book to you.

What happens to “no current offers” for my book?

Book iT! Donates “no current offer” books to the Alachua County Friends of the Library.

Why does Book iT! donate books to the Friends of the Library?

Proceeds from the biannual Alachua County Friends of the Libray (FOL) book sale support the Alachua county library district.  The books are offed at deeply discounted prices and the sale is open the public.  To date, Book iT has donated over 700 cases of books to the FOL.