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LAW 6531, Sect. 103D course pack for Fall coming soon!

The course pack for LAW 6531, Sect. 103D with Professor Little at the University of Florida will be available soon. The pack has been set and is being printed right now!



The course pack is in. It is $85.00. You can order it for delivery or stop by the store and pick up a copy to save the wait!

Written by Todd Williams — July 17, 2013

Congrats to Phil Kellerman

Gainesville organizer and philanthropist, Phil Kellerman, was recently awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education.

Mr. Kellerman earned the award with over two decades of assisting migrant families with medical help and educational scholarships.



Written by Todd Williams — July 08, 2013

Thursday, July 4th

Just as a heads up.

We will be closed on Thursday for Independence Day. We will get some orders packed up but because there is no postal service, nothing will be able to be shipped.


Thank you much!

Written by Todd Williams — July 02, 2013

ARH 3661 Course pack is available

The course pack for Stanfield-Mazzi's ARH 3661, Sect. 4E01 is ready to order!

Written by Todd Williams — June 26, 2013

COM 1000 Course Pack available

The Course Pack for Dr. Kellerman's COM 1000 at the University of Florida for Summer B, 2013 is now available.

Look for it in the COM 1000 Category

Written by Todd Williams — June 24, 2013

COM 1000 Students

For everyone looking for the COM 1000 pack for Dr. Kellerman's class, it should be available soon. Student Reader should be receiving it shortly to produced. Once they finish with it, we will be able to make it available!

Written by Todd Williams — June 20, 2013

SPA 7566 Students

Hello SPA 7566 Audiology students!


Just a reminder, if you order the "Complete Course Pack" you do not need to order the DVD as well. The Complete pack includes the DVD.


Also, the text book for the class, "Counseling-Infused Audiologic Care" by Clark and English, is a back order item and may take as long as 2 weeks to ship. Please contact us (352-371-9970 or for information.

Written by Todd Williams — May 20, 2013